Some Good Words

"The irrepressible Joel Salom is an outstanding all-round comic, whether as a skillfully inept acrobat or artfully off-colour juggler. popping ping pong alls out of his mouth (with references to the whole digestive system), flinging clubs impossibly fast.. playing electronic percussion with bounced balls and executing a hilarious reversal on the old dropped-pants shtick. He’s also the genius behind the show’s other stand-up comic, a blithely satiric little robot dog named Erik."

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle.

In New York with Circus Oz, Joel and Erik performed on 42nd street for six weeks. “The wittiest member of the crew is Erik the Dog, a remote-controlled tin terrier who rolls around the stage, chats up the front row and extols the joys of sniffing all my friends bums. Predictably, the kids squeal, the parents groan and the critics quiently shut their notebooks,”

Time Out. New York 2004

Joel Salom - is he the world’s best MC? - comes to the festival with his lastest hi-tech wizardry. He samples words from the audience, mixing them with drum and bass, and some amazing sound FX, which then becomes huge music as his 3 glowing balls bounce of 3 senors on each forearm.

His mechanical dog Erik is now so popular he as become a rival, so Joel left him at home this time. However it is not until you see Joel swinging and rotating in a bungee hoist maintaining a 3 club juggle in mid air that you finally realise that he is not only the funniest improviser and cleverest tech-head but possibly our best juggler too!

National Australian Circus Festival 2004

A Recommendation

I would not hesitate to recommend Joel for any performing work, in my opinion he is the best compere of live events in Australia.

I have been incredibly impressed by everything I have seen Joel do. I have worked closely with him on a number of projects since I first met him at the National Australian Circus Festival in 1996. His Skills are fantastic, his material consistantly funny and well contructed and his proffessionalism is absolute. He is a delight to work with - being always considerate, supportive of other artits and patient in times of difficulty. While always well prepared he is also able to be flexible and adapt to changes at the last minute.

As a Compere he has that magic ability to warm up the audience and make them expectant and excited. He always serves the best interests of the other artists in the show - while his work is terrific it never overshadows the other artists and he always works hard to create a warm space for them to enter into.

Although he is a brilliant soloist, Joel works really well with others. In 2004 we worked together on The Oxfam International Youth Parliment opening ceremony (sponsored by Cirque du Soliel). As Compere, Joel arrived just a day before the event and in one very short rehearsal had completely integrted himself in the show - working with 28 young artist from 5 countries, speaking 4 languages and from very diverse cultural backgrounds.

Sue Broadway. Associate Producer, Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival, Melbourne 2006